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Dressing Room Adventures: Back of House at Annie Jr.

February 9, 2012 by Leah Baker

At the back of the house on the Annie Jr. set it’s: hot rollers, hairspray, braids, pig tails, nylons, shoelaces, hats. Eyeliner, blush, lipstick and microphone tape — these have been my surroundings for the past few nights as I’ve volunteered on the tech crew, back of the house in the dressing room. For anyone not familiar with theater terms, back of the house is any activities that happen backstage, that the audience doesn’t see. Front of the house would be ushers, ticket takers, concessions and the like.

The adults in the dressing room assist the actors in and out of costumes, perfect hairstyles and apply make up. (I’ve become sort of the eyeliner and lipstick specialist.) And I can say it’s a good thing orphans don’t need any complicated hairstyles. If it looks a little messy, all the better!

With 31 girls in the dressing room things can get a little tight and a little crazy at the quick changes. Clothes end up in wild piles or places and amazingly somehow, someone is always missing something at the end of the night. It is interesting to see the differences in how the girls operate. They all dress in different gears, beginning in low all the way up to cruise. I’m happy to report my own daughter is a phantom changer. I see her come in and the next time I turn around she is gone, and all her clothes are hanging up. This is not what her room looks like at home, but I’m glad that at the end of the night on the set, she has never been missing her pants! (Yes – it has happened.)

Tonight is preview night for family. Hair and makeup for an hour or so and then a seat in the audience for me. Can’t wait to see it come to life! (I’m especially going to be checking out all the eyeliner and lipstick!)

Opening night on Friday, Feb. 10. Very few tickets left for opening weekend! Get yours at



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