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Didn’t Miss Christmas for New Year’s Revue

January 3, 2013 by Leah Baker

All actors are eager to work, but every thespian has their limits. My son, Aaron, had his first big role in a children’s theater production of Humpty Dumpty Is Missing. He played the character Little Billy from Three Billy Goats Gruff which included a show-stealing rendition of the 80’s dance move “the running man.” A demonstration on how he “trip-trapped” across the bridge in the famous story book tale. My daughter, Tessa, was Little Bo Peep in the play too and they had a fantastic experience.

The only drawback was that the opening performance was on Halloween night. When Aaron learned this he was none too pleased. With call time an hour before the show it didn’t leave much time for trick-or-treating.  They were able to take part in their parties at school and with a few early candy stops at the neighbors he was at least pacified before the performance. The director made it fun for the kids too. They each made their own Halloween bag and dressed in costumes after the show for a pizza party. In the end he said it was the “best Halloween ever!”

Early trick-or-treating on Halloween. Elvis, Taylor Swift and Flo from Progressive!

By the time the Humpty Dumpty run was complete both kids were begging to audition for the next performance opportunity. The day the show ended there were auditions for the New Year’s Musical Review, a show for all ages showcasing several Broadway songs in solos and group numbers. I was reluctant to jump into another show right away, but it had been such a positive, confidence-building experience I had to relent. But, when Aaron heard that there would be practice over the Christmas break it gave him pause. He pulled me aside and said, “Wait – when is this show? I am NOT missing Christmas!” No matter how much he wanted to be in the show, missing Christmas was his line in the sand.

Lucky he didn’t have to make that choice. The New Year’s Musical Review runs this weekend at the FMCT. Show times are Jan. 4 & 5 at 7 :30 p.m. and Jan. 5 & 6 at 2 p.m. Tickets and more information can be found at:

More than 50 area voices will sing over 30 Broadway songs. Along with some group numbers, Tessa will be singing a song from The Secret Garden and Aaron is playing the Artful Dodger from Oliver in the song “Consider Yourself.”


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